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Customer Support

FTP Support:
Setup: for Netscape Navigator/Communicator
Setup: for Microsoft Internet Explorer
Setup: for Opera or America Online
Setup: for NCSA Mosiac for Windows
Setup: for WS_FTP (Winsock)
Setup: for FTP Explorer
Setup: for Unix Shell or Windows NT/95 FTP Utility

Dial-Up Setup:
Setup: Win 95/98/ME
Setup: Win 2000/XP
Setup: Macintosh/iMac

Email Setup:
Setup: Eudora 3.x
Setup: Eudora 4.x
Setup: Outlook / Outlook Express
Setup: Netscape 4.0 to 4.5
Setup: Netcape 4.5 & up
Setup: Netscape 6.x

Additional Information:
Disconnect Problems
Using Personal WebSpace
Apply for additional Email Accounts

Setting up Outlook / Outlook Express

Step 1

Click on the "Tools" menu.
Click on the "Accounts..." selection.


Step 2

Click the Mail tab.
Select the Lazerlink Account listed, then Click "Remove".
Click on "Add" button and select "Mail".


Step 3

Enter any name for your Display Name.
Click "Next".


Step 4

Enter your full email address using the following format:
- [email protected]
where the is the domain you'd like to get your E-mail. (Example: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], etc.).

Click "Next".


Step 5

Enter the incoming and outgoing mail server names as:


Step 6

Enter your full E-mail address as the Account Name. It should be in the format "[email protected]".
If you do not want to enter your password each time you check your mail, check the save password box.

Click "Next".

Click "Finish".

That's it! Outlook / Outlook Express now should be able to check and send E-mail.

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